The principle of osmoregulation

Acuros' innovation is based on the principle of osmosis.

Osmoregulation means the adjustment of the osmotic pressure at a semipermeable membrane in a steady state. Thereby osmosis becomes a precisely adjustable phenomenon for the first time.

This completely innovative actuation enables absolutely pulse free microflows and high volume and back pressure capacities at the same time. This combination is unreachable with common micropumps.

The technology is capable for disposable devices as well as for precision instrumentation.

International patents are pending.




Pulse Free Flow

no electromechanic actuation, no moving parts – no measurable pulsation.

High Volume Capacity

continuous flows for minutes to month without interruption.

Accurately Adjustable

stepless flow rates ranging from few nl/s to µl/s.

High Pressure Capacity

flow rate is almost independent from back pressure up to some psi.

Small Footprint

complex fluidic applications with many parallel flows can be set up at little space.

Low Energy Consumption

constant flow rate possible in tempered environment without any additional energy input.